With the passing of this Hurricane we have had tenants reach out about how they are should prepare. There are common preparedness tips that can be found online but I would like to give a few tips that might be easily over looked.

1. Fill you gas tank up FULLY the night before the storm.
2. Take out cash to use in case the power is out and card machines are not working. Cash rules and you should plan at minimum to withdraw two weeks worth to live off of.
3. Video all your belongings with a date stamp. Send to your email for safe holding. This will be great documentation for insurance needs.
4. Make a list of emergency numbers, (local police, insurance company, shelters, FEMA etc). If your like me I really on the internet for everything but if it is not working you will have your back up list.
5. Make a plan if you have pets. Do NOT leave them outside or tied up. Check with local programs that can help you give them a safe place to ride out a storm.
6. Talk with your loved ones about where they are riding out the storm and make a plan on how to check their safety after the storm. There maybe downed trees, power etc that my prevent traditional ways to contact them. Riding out the storm all together can sometimes be the answer.
7. For your home, take rolled up towels and place them at the bottoms of windows and sliding glass doors. Even if you windows dont leak during normal rains, the wind gust and heavier rains can seep into the home this way.
Posted by: pmrentalsolutions on October 11, 2018
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