Now that you have your lease signed, deposits paid and start to begin the journey of packing up your belongings for the anticipated move, a great tip is to create MOVE check list.  That is not a typo (not move in, just MOVE) Everyone can fall victim to the excitement of it all and forgetting the simplest detail of a move without visually having a back up to pop up in your face.   Here are a few items to get your list started.

  1. MOST Important!!! Leave behind your forwarding address and contact information for your previous landlord. This is how they will send you any deposit claim information and refunds.
  2. Very close 2nd MOST important!!! Double check your utility turn on date.  Always set this date 4 days in advance with the utility company.  The day it is supposed to be switched over call the company to confirm that it was and the day after.  This way you won’t run into now power or water on move in day.
  3. The tip beforehand also works for your cable and internet service providers. Many times, these vendors book up a week in advance.  Having them there on move in day can help you settle in faster and have all your comforts that you are accustomed to.
  4. Put in a change of address a week before your move. This way you forwarded mail doesn’t get to the home to early and risk the chance of getting tossed away.
  5. Make a point to check up on when your new home’s trash service days. If possible picking a moving date close to a pick-up day will help get your home box & clutter free from move in leftovers.
  6. Change your addresses to your credit cards online and with the credit card company. Prevent declined activity can help you save yourself from an embarrassing moment.
  7. Five-days before moving in day check the weather. Sounds simple enough but I forget to do it every time I move and of course I’ve loaded up a truck full only to have the clouds above christen my furniture.  A five-day weather check and 24-hour weather check with a side of back up plan, can help you keep your cool and furniture safe.

Every list will be different.  What sort of items have you all come up with?  While your at it, share those funny move in stories too 😊


Posted by: pmrentalsolutions on October 3, 2018
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