This tip sounds like a no brain-er but even I have lost the moving battle and uttered “UH OH, My FURNITURE ISN’T FITTING!!!!!”

I stress to all, make sure to get measurements of your current furniture (esp. big pieces or important pieces).  When you find a home you love, let the agent know you will need a little extra time at the showing to check out the measurements.  I absolutely love it when I hear some one asks me if that is ok.  I normally will take along a measuring tape to these showing to help with the measuring.   This is the best way to gauge space.  An empty home is notorious for not giving a realistic view of how things will fit.  Even the best Tetris player can land in this downfall.

This one simple tip can affect your moving day greatly.

  • It can save you from buying furniture that won’t fit (waste Money)
  • It can save you the energy of loading furniture that might not fit (man/lady power)
  • It can help you earn some extra cash by selling items that you realize you won’t be bringing along with you during the move.

Posted by: pmrentalsolutions on September 6, 2018
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