Things to consider when looking for your prefect rental.  Part 2


  • Remember to check these routes during the times of day when you would travel them. This will give you the most accurate information.
  • Consider if there is a school bus route on your way to and from work? Is there road construction going on?
  • Is there a bike path to your desired location? This can always be a useful mode of transportation.
  • Are you naturally and early raiser or is rushing out the door to avoid being late apart of your routine?
  • If there is a home, you like but the rent is higher than you budgeted. Looking at the gas you may save if the home is closures could just offset the higher rent. You can always weigh the pros and cons and come up with outside the box thinking to really look at your best options for moving.

Being honest with yourself on what exactly your looking for can really help how your view your options and the results can land you your perfect rental.

Posted by: pmrentalsolutions on September 5, 2018
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