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For all the pet lovers out there making sure your new rental home allows your four legged (feathered, scaly or even slimy) family member to join the move is a big concern.   Best thing to do is be 100% upfront about what pets you plan on bringing along.   As a renter you want to make sure an ask a few basic questions:


  1. Are there breed restrictions to the home or HOA? (please remember that the owner maybe ok with a certain breed but the HOA may not.  It is the renter’s responsibility to check with the HOA before signing any paper)
  2. Does your company allow Exotic animals if we hold the current permits? (most companies have a clause in their lease not allowing exotic pets).
  3. Is there a limit to the number of pets we can have? IS there a size limit per pet?
  4. Is the fees associated with having a pet a deposit or a one-time fee? IS there monthly pet rent?
  5. Does your company required special pet insurance?
  6. How will work order work when you have a pet a home? Will the pets need to be put away? Will I need to be home to meet vendors at the house?
  7. Is the yard fully fenced around the home? Does the owner own the full fence or does the neighbors fence provide a piece to the fence in area?  If there is an issue with the fence, is the owner required to repair the fence for the pet’s safety?   (many homes are not required to repair certain fence issues unless they are marketed as fenced in homes.  Also, the owner is not required to repair a neighbor fallen fence which could leave an open space for a pet to escape)


For those that do not have a pet but plan on getting one in the near future you will need to make sure that the owner allows pets and also that you add in the lease paper work that you plan on getting a pet in the future.  Once the lease is signed the owner does NOT have to allow pets at a later date if there is not a pre-agreed addendum concerning this addition.


Many people have server allergies to pets and this is a HUGE thing to consider when looking at rental homes.  No matter how clean, or how many times a carpet is cleaned there is always going to be ruminates of pet dander.  If you have severe allergies it is best to speak up in the beginning of looking for a home and ask for a rental that has never been lived in with a pet.   This will dwindle down your choices, but it is possible to find homes that have not allowed pets.

Hope you found these tips helpful.  Please feel free to email in if you have any helpful tips of your own.


Posted by: pmrentalsolutions on September 4, 2018
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